Chapter Index

Chapter Index

Chapter 100 Personnel Policies and Regulations
101 Personnel Policies of General Application

Policy # Policy Name
101.1 Tuition Privileges for Certain Faculty and Staff
101.2 Salary Advances
101.3 Relationships between Students and Faculty Members or Other University Employees
101.4 Concurrent Employment of Related Persons
101.5 Equal Employment Opportunity
101.6 Retirement Procedures and Regulations
101.7 Workers' Compensation
101.8 Personnel Records
101.9 Employee Assistance Program
101.10 Budget Submissions and Position Management
101.11 Staff Employee of the Year
101.12 Fraudulent Disclosure or Willful Nondisclosure in Applying for Employment
101.14 Voluntary Shared Leave Program
101.15 Additional Compensation for Professional Services to the University
101.16 Research Appointments
101.17 Workplace Violence
101.18 Gifts, Awards, and Prizes
101.19 Accounting for Annual Leave for FLSA-Exempt Employees Who Earn Leave*
101.20 Lactation Policy
101.21 Organizational Charts
101.22 Flexible Work and Telework Arrangements for SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty Employees
101.23 Employment-Related Background Checks and Criminal Activity Reporting
101.24 Conflicts of Interest and Commitment
102 Faculty and Other Employees Exempt from the State Human Resources Act

Policy # Policy Name
102.1 External Professional Activities of Faculty and Other Professional Staff
102.2 (Renumbered as University Policy 101.24) Conflicts of Interest and Commitment
102.3 Political Activities of Faculty and Staff Exempt from the State Human Resources Act
102.4 Annual and Sick Leave for Faculty Members
102.5 Emeritus Faculty
102.6 Family and Medical Leave for Nine-Month Faculty
102.7 Personnel Policies for Designated Employment Exempt from the State Human Resources Act
102.8 Administrative Separation and/or Retreat to a Faculty Position
102.9 Senior Academic and Administrative Officers
102.10 Employment of Postdoctoral Fellows
102.11 Non-Salary Compensation for Employees Exempt from the State Human Resources Act
102.12 Faculty Military Leave
102.13 Tenure Policies, Regulations, and Procedures of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte
102.14 Tenured Faculty Performance Review Policy
102.15 Personal (Non-FMLA) Leaves of Absence for Nine-Month Faculty
103 Employees Subject to the State Human Resources Act

Policy # Policy Name
103.1 Classification of Positions Subject to the State Human Resources Act
103.2 Managing the Performance of Employees Subject to the State Human Resources Act
103.3 Secondary Employment of Employees Subject to the State Human Resources Act
104 Personnel Information Memoranda

Policy # Policy Name
104 Personnel Information Memoranda
Chapter 200 Academic Policies

Policy # Policy Name
201 University Continuing Education Activities
202 Final Examinations
203 Grants, Contracts, and Cooperative Agreements to Finance Sponsored Programs
204 Textbooks and Instructional Materials
205 Preparation and Sale of Instructional Materials
206 Continuing Education Discount Program
207 Policy on Admission to the University
208 Substantive Change Compliance Policy
209 Honorary Degrees
Chapter 300 Research, Intellectual Property, and Information Technology

Policy # Policy Name
301 Patent Policy
302 Web Communications
303 Network Security-REPLACED BY Standard for Communications Security
304 Electronic Communication Systems
305 Securing Rights to Perform Music
306 Research Utilizing Human Subjects
307 Responsible Use of University Computing and Electronic Communication Resources-REPLACED BY Standard for Responsible Use
308 Research Relations with Private Enterprise and Publication of Research Findings
309 Responding to Allegations of Misconduct in Research and Scholarship
310 Laboratory Animals Used for Teaching and Research
311 Information Security
311.1 Credit/Debit Card Processing Regulation: REPLACED BY Payment (Credit/Debit) Card Processing Standard
311.2 GLBA Information Security Program Regulation
311.4 Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Regulation
311.5 Personal Information Security Breach Notification Procedures
311.6 Regulation on Security of Electronic Individually Identifiable Health Care Information under HIPAA
311.7 Regulations on Information Systems Security
311.8 Regulations on the Use of Social Security Numbers
311.9 Regulation Regarding Third Party Data Subject to Contractual Access Restrictions
312 Equity Acquisition in Technology Licensing Arrangements
313 Use of University Laboratory Facilities
314 Centers and Institutes
315 Copyright Policy
316 Export Control
317 Mobile Communication Device Allowances
Chapter 400 Student and Alumni Matters

Policy # Policy Name
401 Alumni Association
402 Student Education Records (FERPA)
403 Student Appeals and Grievances
404 Death of a Student
405 Hazing
406 Code of Student Responsibility
407 Code of Student Academic Integrity
408 Student Involuntary Protective Withdrawal Policy
409 Religious Accommodation for Students
410 Policy and Procedure for Student Appeals of Final Course Grades
411 Student Grievance Procedure
Chapter 500 Nondiscrimination

Policy # Policy Name
501 Nondiscrimination and Procedures for Addressing Reports of Discrimination
501.1 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability Regulation
501.2 Regulation Regarding Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, or Transgender Status
502 Sexual Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedures
503 Fighting Words Harassment in the University Community
504 Sexual Orientation

Chapter 600 Property, Finances, Services and Records
601 University Property, Resources, Facilities, and Services

Policy # Policy Name
601.1 University Supplies, Equipment, and Materials
601.2 Library Privileges
601.3 Administrative Support for Professional Obligations
601.4 Integrated Space Management
601.5 Use of Student Residence Facilities
601.6 Scheduling University Facilities
601.7 Flags
601.8 Appropriate Use of University Funds
601.9 Sales, Solicitations, Distribution of Materials, and Campus Displays
601.10 Surplus Property Procedures
601.11 Purchasing Policy
601.12 Acquisition of Surplus, Excess, Gift, and Grant Property
601.13 Interference with University Operations
601.14 Proprietary Software
601.15 Control and Management of University Equipment and Other Property
601.16 Facilities and Administrative Costs
601.18 Debt Policy
602 Finances and Gifts

Policy # Policy Name
602.1 Direct Deposit of Pay
602.2 Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts
602.3 Petty Cash Fund and Change Fund Policy
602.4 Handling Cash, Checks, and Other Monetary Receipts
602.5 Contributions to Non-Affiliated Agencies
602.6 Cost Sharing in Sponsored Programs
602.7 Travel Authorization and Reimbursement
602.9 Naming Opportunities
603 Contracts

Policy # Policy Name
603.1 Authority to Sign Contracts and Other Official Documents
603.2 Contracting with State Employees or Relatives of State Employees
604 Vehicles

Policy # Policy Name
604.1 Operation of Vehicles on University Business
604.2 State-Owned Vehicles
604.3 Service Vehicles on Campus
604.4 Vehicle Maintenance
605 Public Records, Open Meetings, Privacy, and Publicity

Policy # Policy Name
605.1 Dissemination of News
605.2 Privacy and Confidentiality of Individually Identifiable Health Care Information under HIPAA
605.3 Retention, Disposition, and Security of University Records
605.4 Legal Holds
605.5 Marketing Communications
605.6 Publications and University Archives
605.7 Open Meetings Requirements
605.8 Public Records Requests
Chapter 700 Safety and Health

Policy # Policy Name
701 Adverse Weather and Emergency Events
702 Weapons on Campus
703 Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)
704 Animals on Campus
705 Food Storage and Preparation
706 Alcoholic Beverages
707 Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products on University Property
708 Utility Outages
709 Food Service Policy
710 Outdoor, On-Campus Activities
711 Program to Prevent Use of Illegal Drugs and Alcohol Abuse
712 Medical Services
713 Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling
714 Biosafety
715 Security Cameras
716 Minors on Campus
Chapter 800 University Policies of General Application

Policy # Policy Name
801 Violation of University Policy
802 Conduct at Speech Events
803 Reporting and Investigation of Suspected Improper Activities and Whistleblower Protection
804 Standards of Ethical Conduct
805 University Policy Development, Approval, and Publication