Centers and Institutes

University Policy 314, Centers and Institutes

Executive Summary: 

This policy provides that at UNC Charlotte centers and institutes are established or discontinued at the discretion of the Chancellor, following review or evaluation by the Centers & Institutes Committee and recommendation by the Provost. The process is managed by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development in accordance with procedures established by the Centers and Institutes Committee.

I. Introduction

Centers and institutes are established within the University to strengthen and enrich programs of research, public service, or instruction conducted by the faculty and staff. They also may provide undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with added research opportunities, facilities, and assistance, as well as enhance students’ involvement in public service and educational activities.

Centers and institutes also have a strong positive impact on the economic development of the state by providing job opportunities, supplying technical assistance and training, fostering community development, and enhancing the transfer of new technologies. By engaging in partnerships with organizations such as private or corporate sponsors, educational institutions, and federal or state agencies, centers serve as an important means to address the diverse mission of the University.

As specifically set forth in Regulation 400.5[R] of The University of North Carolina, the primary mission of a center or institute must be research, public service, or instruction.

Institutional centers or institutes may collaborate with units or departments from other institutions for specific activities or projects, but fiscal and administrative oversight is limited to a single institution. Interinstitutional centers and institutes are established pursuant to Regulations for Planning, Establishing, and Reviewing Centers and Institutes in The University of North Carolina (Regulation 400.5[R] of The University of North Carolina). This Policy Statement governs institutional centers and institutes at UNC Charlotte.

II. Establishment of Centers and Institutes

Centers and institutes at UNC Charlotte are established and discontinued by the Board of Trustees. The Provost will appoint five faculty members to serve on a Centers & Institutes Committee (CIC) to secure advice on matters related to establishing and evaluating centers and institutes. The Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development will chair the CIC and will serve as a sixth member of the CIC, ex officio. Following review of proposals by the CIC, the Provost will make recommendations for new centers and institutes to the Board of Trustees. The director of each new center or institute will be appointed in accordance with the procedures developed under this Policy. Each center or institute, through its director, is responsible to the Chancellor or, by his or her delegation, to another administrative officer. 

III. Implementation

The Provost is responsible for this Policy Statement and has charged the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development with its implementation and daily management. The Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, in consultation with the CIC, will establish procedures for the review of new center and institute proposals and the evaluation of existing centers and institutes, and will ensure that those procedures meet all requirements of Regulation 400.5[R] of The University of North Carolina.


Revision History: 
  • Initially approved by the Board of Trustees December 3, 2004
  • Revised September 24, 2010

Authority: UNC Charlotte Board of Trustees

Responsible Office: Academic Affairs

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