Chapter 600: Property, Finances, Services and Records

Chapter 600: Property, Finances, Services and Records

601 University Property, Resources, Facilities, and Services

Policy # Policy Name
601.1 University Supplies, Equipment, and Materials
601.2 Library Privileges
601.3 Administrative Support for Professional Obligations
601.4 Integrated Space Management
601.5 Use of Student Residence Facilities
601.6 Scheduling University Facilities
601.7 Flags
601.8 Appropriate Use of University Funds
601.9 Sales, Solicitations, Distribution of Materials, and Campus Displays
601.10 Surplus Property Procedures
601.11 Purchasing Policy
601.12 Acquisition of Surplus, Excess, Gift, and Grant Property
601.13 Interference with University Operations
601.14 Proprietary Software
601.15 Control and Management of University Equipment and Other Property
601.16 Facilities and Administrative Costs
601.18 Debt Policy
602 Finances and Gifts

Policy # Policy Name
602.1 Direct Deposit of Pay
602.2 Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts
602.3 Petty Cash Fund and Change Fund Policy
602.4 Handling Cash, Checks, and Other Monetary Receipts
602.5 Contributions to Non-Affiliated Agencies
602.6 Cost Sharing in Sponsored Programs
602.7 Travel Authorization and Reimbursement
602.9 Naming Opportunities
603 Contracts

Policy # Policy Name
603.1 Authority to Sign Contracts and Other Official Documents
603.2 Contracting with State Employees or Relatives of State Employees
604 Vehicles

Policy # Policy Name
604.1 Operation of Vehicles on University Business
604.2 State-Owned Vehicles
604.3 Service Vehicles on Campus
604.4 Vehicle Maintenance
605 Public Records, Open Meetings, Privacy, and Publicity

Policy # Policy Name
605.1 Dissemination of News
605.2 Privacy and Confidentiality of Individually Identifiable Health Care Information under HIPAA
605.3 Retention, Disposition, and Security of University Records
605.4 Legal Holds
605.5 Marketing Communications
605.6 Publications and University Archives
605.7 Open Meetings Requirements
605.8 Public Records Requests