New & Revised Policies

University Policy 605.2 , Privacy and Confidentiality of Individually Identifiable Health Care Information under HIPAA

  January 11, 2007

Status: Revised

This University Policy has been revised both to to bring it in line with current practice and in response to a recent internal audit.

University Policy 101.1 , Tuition Privileges for Certain Faculty and Staff

  December 11, 2006

Status: Revised

This University Policy has been revised to conform with changes to UNC Board of Governors Policy 1000.2.2and Regulation 1000.2.2.1[R], which increase the number of classes for which constituent institutions may waive tuition from two to three per year. A few additional changes have been made for clarification.

University Policy 402, Student Education Records (FERPA)

  October 19, 2006

Status: Revised

This University Policy has been revised as follows:

  1. Additional University officials are listed as those with “legitimate educational interest” who, under FERPA, may have access to student education records without prior consent of the student. (See Section II.B.2)
  2. Addition of the requirements for the University to make and keep records of requests for and disclosures of education records, as required be the FERPA regulations at 34 CFR 99.31. (See Section II.D)
  3. Addition to the list of circumstances allowing disclosure of education records without prior written consent of the student: (1) Federal, State, and Local Officials and Educational Authorities, and (2) certain organizations for the purposes of Institutional Studies, as required by the FERPA regulations at 34 CFR 99.31. (See new Sections II.B.12 and II.B.13)
  4. Addition of the list of disclosures for which the University does not need to keep records those disclosures to a party seeking or receiving the records as directed by a Federal grand jury or other law enforcement subpoena when the issuing court or other issuing agency has ordered that the existence or the contents of the subpoena or the information furnished in response to the subpoena not be disclosed, as required by the FERPA regulations at 34 CFR 99.32. (See new Section II.D.5)

University Policy 602.2 , Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts

  August 31, 2006

Status: Revised

This University Policy is revised primarily to bring it into compliance with current practice and recent organizational changes to the University and the UNC Charlotte Foundation..

University Policy 602.6 , Cost Sharing in Sponsored Programs

  June 22, 2006

Status: New

This University Policy addresses mandatory vs. voluntary cost sharing, and distinguishes between voluntarycommitted cost sharing and voluntary uncommitted cost sharing. These are important distinctions, and faculty who are anticipating cost sharing in proposal budgets should review this new Policy.

University Policy 206, Continuing Education Discount Program

  July 1, 2005

Status: Revised

Revision Effective: March 4, 2005

Policy Effective: July 1, 2005

The title of this Policy has been revised to more accurately reflect its subject.

University Policy 101.5 , Equal Employment Opportunity

  July 1, 2005

Status: Revised

This University Policy authorizes the Director of the Office of Continuing Education, Extension, and Summer Programs to provide a discount, not to exceed 50%, on the registration fee for courses offered by that office to be charged to any "qualified employee," as that term is defined in the policy.

University Policy 101.15 , Additional Compensation for Professional Services to the University

  June 29, 2005

Status: Revised

This Policy Statement has undergone a complete overhaul to provide clarity and more specificity about the various types of additional compensation that may be permitted. The new title of the Policy reflects this broader scope: “Additional Compensation for Professional Services to the University.”

One of the major changes is that while the previous Policy limited all types of additional compensation to 3/9 of the salary base for 9-month faculty, the revised policy allows other types of incidental compensation and compensation for summer teaching, without specifying a limit. Instead, the process requires pre-approval and all one-time payments require a memo of justification for both the activity and the compensation amount for the activity. The Policy also sets forth the conditions required for 12-month staff to receive additional compensation.

A new appendix provides a quick reference guide indicating the types of additional compensation available based on employment category.

Finally, the policy is revised to comport with the new Board of Governors Policy 300.2.13.

University Policy 701, Adverse Weather and Emergency Events

  June 29, 2005

Status: Revised

The changes to this University Policy clarify which positions are deemed to be Essential Personnel for purposes of reporting during inclement weather and other unusual conditions. The changes also encourage department heads to provide food and shelter for Essential Personnel when they must report to campus in order to address problems previously faced by personnel who, due to weather, could not return home or retrieve food. The changes also address how employees who are paid on an hourly basis and who do not earn leave credit will be paid for periods when the University is closed or when the employee believes that travel is unsafe.

University Policy 101.9 , Employee Assistance Program

  May 30, 2005

Status: Revised

This Policy required revision because the State has eliminated its administration of the Employee Assistance Program. As a result, the UNC Charlotte Counseling Center has become the University’s sole resource in employee disciplinary cases in which the University finds it necessary to mandate employee counseling as a condition of continued employment. These revisions are intended to articulate the role of the Counseling Center in addressing such employee issues without compromising the Counseling Center’s ability to provide services to students