New & Revised Policies

University Policy 602.4 , Handling Cash, Checks, and Other Monetary Receipts

  August 18, 2010

Status: Revised

The revisions to this University Policy clarify the Daily Deposit Act requirements, ensure the University Policy is in accordance with our own Cash Management Plan, and remove the provisions regarding the need to inventory and account for preprinted ticket stock, since tickets for events conducted on campus are now generated through point of sale and other electronic methods.

University Policy 602.2 , Solicitation and Acceptance of Gifts

  August 3, 2010

Status: Revised

Revisions were made to this University Policy to clarify that all gift solicitations must be coordinated with and approved by the Development Office. The Development Office will consult with the relevant faculty when a proposed gift affects the academic curriculum. The policy also consolidates specific provisions applicable to gifts of materials to the Library’s Special Collections.

University Policy 601.8 , Appropriate Use of University Funds

  June 15, 2010

Status: Revised

This new University Policy identifies permissible and impermissible uses of various types of University funds.

University Policy 704, Animals on Campus

  March 9, 2010

Status: Revised

This University Policy has been revised and expanded to specifically address the presence on campus of service animals, service animals in training, domestic or therapy animals, and feral or wild animals. The Policy sets forth responsibilities of the campus community and certain officers on campus, as well as consequences for violation of the Policy.

University Policy 207, Policy on Admission to the University

  February 5, 2010

Status: New

This new University Policy sets forth the bases for selection of students and the procedure for applicants to appeal denials of admission.

University Policy 803, Reporting and Investigation of Suspected Improper Activities and Whistleblower Protection

  February 4, 2010

Status: Revised

This new University Policy sets forth policy and procedures related to reporting suspected improper activities by University employees and protecting those members of the University community who report such improper activities from retaliation.

University Policy 707, Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products on University Property

  January 20, 2010

Status: Revised

The revision prohibits smoking within 100 linear feet of any university building (the maximum currently allowed by law) with the exception of designated smoking areas.

University Policy 101.1 , Tuition Privileges for Certain Faculty and Staff

  December 17, 2009

Status: Revised

This University Policy was revised in compliance with recent changes to North Carolina law (N.C.G.S. 116-143(d)) allowing waiver of tuition for only two (rather than three) courses per academic year for certain faculty and staff.

University Policy 705, Food Storage and Preparation

  November 16, 2009

Status: Revised

The revisions to this University Policy add new language to clarify some procedures and regulations, provide additional guidelines for food preparation, and update the names of Business Affairs’ units.

University Policy 101.11 , Staff Employee of the Year

  November 11, 2009

Status: Revised

This University Policy was revised to reflect a change to the Office of State Personnel Manual, which allows that the criterion of two or more years of continuous service for staff employee of the year awards may be waived if an employee has engaged in an act that meets the criteria of safety/heroism as set forth by the Office of State Personnel.