New & Revised Policies

University Policy 602.10 , Mobile Communication Device Allowances

  September 23, 2009

Status: Revised

Chancellor Dubois approved University Policy 125, Mobile Communication Devices, on September 8, 2009, effective September 23, 2009. This new policy was developed to address the use of mobile communication devices to conduct University business and the confusion surrounding various state and federal regulations regarding the use of such devices. This policy establishes guidelines for the use, documentation, and payment for these devices.

University Policy 605.4 , Legal Holds

  August 14, 2009

Status: Revised

This new University Policy sets forth the policy and procedures related to retention of University records subject to a legal hold due to either a discovery order or pending or anticipated litigation.

University Policy 402, Student Education Records (FERPA)

  June 5, 2009

Status: Revised

University Policy 402, Student Records, has been revised to reflect the U.S. Department of Education's amendments to the regulations implementing the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which went into effect on January 8, 2009.

University Policy 304, Electronic Communication Systems

  May 26, 2009

Status: Revised

This policy is revised to add reference to the University electronic mail signature standards.

University Policy 602.1 , Direct Deposit of Pay

  May 8, 2009

Status: Approved

In order to promote a more efficient and cost-effective payment process, this new University Policy mandates direct deposit enrollment for all individuals paid through UNC Charlotte’s payroll system.

All UNC Charlotte employees who are receiving their pay by paper check shall be required to enroll in direct deposit by entering their direct deposit information into Banner Self-Service or by completing and submitting the Direct Deposit Enrollment and Change Form to Payroll prior to June 1, 2009. In accordance with federal requirements regarding direct deposit of payroll, UNC Charlotte employees may select the financial institution of his/her choice to accommodate the receipt of direct deposit payments.

All employees currently receiving their pay by direct deposit shall continue to be enrolled in the University’s direct deposit program.

University Policy 604.1 , Operation of Vehicles on University Business

  May 4, 2009

Status: Revised

University Policy 604.1, Operation of Vehicles on University Business, has been revised to clarify that the Safety and Environmental Health Offices carries approval authority over the operation of certain special services vehicles on University business.

University Policy 101.8 , Personnel Records

  February 13, 2009

Status: Revised

University Policy 101.8, Personnel Records, has been revised to reflect changes to the North Carolina Personnel Records Act (N.C.G.S. § 126 22 et seq.) and The University of North Carolina Board of Governors Policy Manual (UNC Policy 1100.3).

Additional changes to the policy statement address how and where personnel files for SPA staff should be retained on the occasion of an inter-departmental transfer.

University Policy 605.3 , Retention, Disposition, and Security of University Records

  January 9, 2009

Status: Revised

University Policy 605.3, Retention, Disposition, and Security of University Records, informs members of the University community about their duties and responsibilities with regard to the retention, disposition, and security of University records. The revisions clarify the status of Associated Entity records and strengthen instructions about the retention/disposition of records involved in audit or investigative proceedings.

University Policy 601.2 , Library Privileges

  January 5, 2009

Status: Revised

University Policy 601.2, Library Privileges, is revised to clarify certain terms and to update the policy in accordance with current practices and procedures.

University Policy 302, Web Communications

  August 29, 2008

Status: Revised

The Chancellor has approved an additional revision to the recently revised Code of Student Responsibility to add the following as prohibited conduct: Commission of an act, or an attempt to commit an act, that: (i) is classified as a felony under North Carolina law; (ii) would be in violation of the General Statutes of the State of North Carolina; or (iii) would be in violation of any federal law.