New & Revised Policies

University Policy 101.19 , Accounting for Annual Leave for FLSA-Exempt Employees Who Earn Leave

  April 25, 2005

Status: Revised

This Policy replaces PIM-47. It converts some longstanding operating rules for reporting annual leave into a University Policy Statement so that affected employees have a readily-available reference.

University Policy 314, Centers and Institutes

  December 3, 2004

Status: Approved

This policy provides that at UNC Charlotte centers and institutes are established or discontinued at the discretion of the Chancellor, following review or evaluation by the Centers & Institutes Committee and recommendation by the Provost. The process is managed by the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development in accordance with procedures established by the Centers and Institutes Committee.

University Policy 404, Death of a Student

  October 25, 2004

Status: Revised

This University Policy is revised to add the Career Center to the list of office on campus that the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs should contact upon notification of the death of a student. In addition, several other office names and required actions are clarified.

University Policy 304, Electronic Communication Systems

  September 24, 2004

Status: Revised

The revisions to this University Policy broaden the coverage of the policy from “electronic mail” to all “electronic communication systems” to ensure the appropriate use of all the University’s electronic communication systems (not only email) by its students, faculty, and staff. Accordingly, the title of the Policy has been changed to "Electronic Communication Systems.” Electronic communication systems are defined as tools provided by the University to complement traditional methods of communication and to improve education and administrative efficiency.

University Policy 601.10 , Surplus Property Procedures

  July 15, 2004

Status: Revised

The revisions to this University Policy are based on new accounting/reporting requirements for public universities under Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statements #203 and #603.1. These new requirements include tracking and reporting building and infrastructure assets. The revisions are intended to strengthen the policy with regard to accountability for lost or stolen assets. The revisions also include State and University requirements policies and procedures for operating a surplus property store on campus.

University Policy 601.15 , Control and Management of University Equipment and Other Property

  June 4, 2004

Status: Revised

The revisions to this University Policy are intended to better control the volume of items the University is currently tracking through inventory. The Office of State Controller guidelines allow the University to select inventory levels at four different thresholds. These recommended revisions comply with Office of State Controller requirements.

University Policy 601.16 , Facilities and Administrative Costs

  May 31, 2004

Status: Approved

Facilities and Administrative (F&A) (also known as indirect or overhead) costs are the general support expenses relating to research and sponsored programs that are incurred for common objectives of the University and therefore cannot be readily identified with a particular sponsored award. This new policy provides that F&A costs will be reimbursed by a federal sponsoring agency at their UNC Charlotte negotiated F&A rate. The University expects all non-federal sponsored programs to be reimbursed for their full costs, both direct and F&A.

University Policy 303, [Network Security-REPLACED BY Standard for Communications Security]

  May 21, 2004

Status: Revised

This University Policy is revised to add a provision permitting the University to monitor data traffic to safeguard the integrity of the University's computing and electronic communication resources and to minimize the risks to both those resources and the end users of those resources. Specifically, the revision allows ITS to monitor data traffic and to access, retrieve, read, and/or disclose data communications when there is reasonable cause to suspect a violation of applicable University policy or criminal law, or when monitoring is otherwise required by law. The new language in this University Policy will also be included in a network logon banner, so that users are notified of the potential data traffic monitoring when they log onto the University network

University Policy 102.5 , Emeritus Faculty and Senior Academic & Administrative Officers

  May 11, 2004

Status: Revised 102.5

Revisions to University Policy 102.5 reflect changes based on “Personnel Management Flexibility to Appoint and Fix Compensation of EPA Positions, Further Delegations from the Chancellor,” dated March 2003.

That document provides: “Emeritus Faculty status must be approved by the Chancellor upon nomination by the Department Chair and recommendation by the Dean, and Provost.” The Office of the President has confirmed that under personnel management flexibility, the authority to approve emeritus faculty appointments is delegated from the Board of Trustees to the Chancellor.

The revisions reflect the Chancellor’s authority to make final decisions on appointment of emeritus faculty.

University Policy 102.8 , Administrative Separation and/or Retreat to a Faculty Position

  March 5, 2004

Status: Revised

This new University Policy is established as required by The University of North Carolina Board of Governors Policy 300.1.6 and Regulation 300.1.6[R].

This University Policy covers voluntary and involuntary relinquishments of duties by Senior Academic and Administrative Officers, as identified at UNC Charlotte in University Policy 81, with the exception of the Chancellor. In accordance with Board of Governors Policy 300.1.6 and Regulation 300.1.6[R], University Policy 78 addresses four circumstances of voluntary and involuntary relinquishments of duties by SAAOs (other than the Chancellor): retreat to a faculty position, reappointment of an administrator without faculty retreat rights, separation from the University, and retirement.