New & Revised Policies

University Policy 601.9 , Sales, Solicitations, Distribution of Materials, and Campus Displays

  November 14, 2007

Status: Revised

Revisions to University Policy 601.9 have been made to add more explicit provisions governing sales on campus. Specifically, proposed revisions to the Policy provide specific conditions under which Affiliated Groups and Non-Affiliated Groups may use University facilities to carry out sales and/or sales solicitation or sales promotion activities on the University campus. Accordingly, revision is also proposed for the policy title, adding the term “Sales” at the beginning.

University Policy 605.1 , Dissemination of News

  September 24, 2007

Status: Revised

The Chancellor has revised this University Policy to bring it into line with current practice.

University Policy 501, Nondiscrimination and Procedures for Addressing Reports of Discrimination

  July 17, 2007

Status: Revised

This University Policy has been revised to:

Clarify students’ responsibility to identify themselves to the Office of Disability Services as soon as they are aware that they require assistance;

Clearly state that while the University will strongly consider requests from students that a specific type of assistive technology or academic support be provided, the University maintains the right to make a final decision about its choice of such educational aid;

Clarify procedures for bringing complaints of discrimination based on disability; and

Update office and officer titles.

University Policy 202, Final Examinations

  May 23, 2007

Status: Revised

University Policy 202 has been revised to account for the fact that all grades are now submitted electronically so there is more flexibility in when the grades are due.

University Policy 801, Violation of University Policy

  April 9, 2007

Status: Revised

This University Policy has been revised to update and clarify its language.

University Policy 601.11 , Purchasing Policy

  April 7, 2007

Status: Revised

University Policy 316, Export Control

  March 28, 2007

Status: Approved

This University Policy has been enacted to ensure the University's compliance with all United States export control laws and regulations.

University Policy 601.4 , Integrated Space Management

  March 20, 2007

Status: Revised

This University Policy has been revised to account for organizational and system changes within the University and the addition of research to the University’s mission; to prescribe responsibilities with regard to alteration and renovation of space; and to provide a process for requests for additional space.

University Policy 101.9 , Employee Assistance Program

  March 15, 2007

Status: Revised

The revisions to University Policy 101.9 reflect changes in the Employee Assistance Program, namely, replacement of references to the Counseling Center with a third party behavioral health organization, Deer Oaks.

University Policy 711, Program to Prevent Use of Illegal Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

  March 15, 2007

Status: Revised

The revisions toUniversity Policy 87 are intended to update references and titles, add a reference to the federal Drug Free Workplace Act, clarify the role of the Counseling Center, and rectify some ambiguities in language.