New & Revised Policies

University Policy 201, University Continuing Education Activities

  February 18, 2011

Status: Revised

The revisions to this University Policy reflect current practices and update office titles.

University Policy 311.9 , Regulation Regarding Third Party Data Subject to Contractual Access Restrictions

  February 11, 2011

Status: Revised

This regulation creates a procedure for handling electronic research data that is received by UNC Charlotte from third parties and is subject to contractual access restrictions.

University Policy 604.3 , Service Vehicles on Campus

  December 20, 2010

Status: Revised

This revision clarifies that Admissions Tour Trams operated by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions are notconsidered Service Vehicles for the purposes of this Policy. The Service Vehicle Restriction Map was also revised to clarify the Service Vehicle restriction on Toby Creek Greenway.

University Policy 102.8 , Administrative Separation and/or Retreat to a Faculty Position

  December 10, 2010

Status: Approved

This policy is revised in accordance with corresponding revisions to UNC Board of Governors' policies and regulations.

University Policy 604.3 , Service Vehicles on Campus

  November 9, 2010

Status: Approved

This University Policy has been revised to address changes in the number and types of service vehicles and to more clearly describe proper and improper use of Service Vehicles.

University Policy 408, Student Involuntary Protective Withdrawal Policy

  October 22, 2010

Status: Approved

This new University Policy establishes a process and procedures for the involuntary withdrawal of students who, for reasons pertaining to mental or physical health, engage in behavior that presents a direct threat of harm to themselves, to others, to property, or substantially disrupt the learning or working environment of The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

University Policy 101.8 , Personnel Records

  October 1, 2010

Status: Approved

These revisions reflect statutory amendments to NCGS §126-23 (pp.15-16) that went into effect October 1, 2010.

University Policy 601.12 , Acquisition and Disposition of Gift and Grant Property

  September 27, 2010

Status: Revised

This revision from Business Affairs updates department names and identifies the responsibilities for accountability as residing with the Controller’s Office.

University Policy 314, Centers and Institutes

  September 24, 2010

Status: Revised

This revision establishes (1) that centers and institutes at UNC Charlotte are established and discontinued by the Board of Trustees, rather than the Chancellor; (2) that the director of each new center or institute will be appointed in accordance with the procedures developed under this Policy; and (3) that the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development will ensure that those procedures meet all requirements of Regulation 400.5[R] of The University of North Carolina.

University Policy 703, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S)

  September 23, 2010

Status: Revised

Revisions to this University Policy are necessary to conform to the restructuring of the Environmental Health & Safety unit within Risk Management Safety and Security.