New & Revised Policies

University Policy 604.2 , State-Owned Vehicles

  November 29, 2011

Status: Revised

The University Policy was rewritten to improve clarity and to make it more concise.

University Policy 103.2 , Managing the Performance of Employees Subject to the State Human Resources Act

  November 29, 2011

Status: Revised

This University Policy has been revised to meet the new discrimination standards required by law and to ensure that the policy matches the new automated performance evaluation system categories and processes.

University Policy 601.3 , Administrative Support for Professional Obligations

  October 3, 2011

Status: Revised

These revisions were made to provide clarity and to add a paragraph informing employees who to contact with questions regarding the policy.  The changes are minor and broaden the tasks administrative staff can provide for business that is not directly related to the university.  The title of the policy was also changed from "Secretarial Time" to "Administrative Support for Professional Obligations."

University Policy 605.8 , Public Records Requests

  August 4, 2011

Status: New

This new University Policy establishes clear procedures for responding to public records requests.

University Policy 605.8 , Public Records Requests

  June 10, 2011

Status: Rivsed

This revision clarifies that content on the University’s electronic communication systems (ECS) may be released subject to the requirements of the North Carolina Public Records Act.

University Policy 311, Information Security

  June 3, 2011

Status: Revised

The revision is intended to reflect the data security challenges faced by the University due to the rapidly-evolving nature of information collection and transmission

University Policy 101.6 , Retirement Procedures and Regulations

  May 24, 2011

Status: Revised

This University Policy has been revised because the Retirement Systems Division has extended the time period in which an individual may complete his/her retirement application from 90 days to 120 days.

University Policy 102.6 , Family and Medical Leave for Nine-Month Faculty

  March 25, 2011

Status: Revised

This University Policy has been revised to add appropriate reference to the new University Policy 102.12, Faculty Military Leave. 

University Policy 102.12 , Faculty Military Leave

  March 24, 2011

Status: Revised

This new University Policy is in accordance with UNC Board of Governors Policy 300.2.8, which requires that each constituent institution adopt policies and regulations in accordance with federal and state law and consistent with the Board of Governors policy.

University Policy 101.5 , Equal Employment Opportunity

  February 28, 2011

Status: Revised

This University Policy has been revised to include the prohibition of discrimination on the basis of genetic information.  This addition is required to comply with Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA). Revised