Statement on Recent Media Reports Regarding Pending Litigation

We understand some members of the University community may have concerns following media reports of a pending lawsuit against UNC Charlotte and one of its lecturers. The lawsuit involves allegations that were exhaustively investigated and addressed by the University.

Though we know the media reports raise many questions, we are limited by law as to what we can say about the findings of the investigation and the resulting action taken by the University. Additionally, we are committed to maintaining the privacy of all our students, including the plaintiff. We don’t want to dissuade survivors of sexual harassment or other sexual or interpersonal misconduct from coming forward with their stories because of privacy concerns. 

We are similarly committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment for all university community members and guests. Any concerns related to sexual or interpersonal misconduct may be reported to the Title IX Office. More information regarding reporting and available supportive measures can be found on the Title IX Office website

Students wishing to speak to a confidential resource may contact the Christine F. Price Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), while faculty and staff are encouraged to utilize the counseling resources offered through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).