New & Revised Policies

University Policy 410, Policy and Procedure for Student Appeals of Final Course Grades

  October 27, 2014

Status: Revised

University Policy 410 has been revised for overall clarity and ease of use for students.  As part of that revision, the procedures set forth in what was previously University Policy 410.1, Request for Review of a Final Course Grade, are eliminated and are instead included within the body of this policy to make the process more transparent.


University Policy 101.1 , Tuition Privileges for Certain Faculty and Staff

  October 2, 2014

Status: Revised

This Policy has been revised by the Board of Trustees in accordance with amendments to NC law allowing for a waiver of tuition and fees for three (rather than two) courses per year for certain faculty and staff, provided that the courses do not interfere with normal employment obligations.

University Policy 605.8 , Public Records Requests

  August 29, 2014

Status: Revised

This policy has been revised to establish clear procedures for extraordinary public records requests when estimated costs exceed $500.00.  In those cases, the University would require a fifty percent deposit prior to fulfilling any such request.

University Policy 402, Student Education Records (FERPA)

  June 30, 2014

Status: Revised

In response to concerns regarding the privacy of student information, UNC Charlotte has revised University Policy 402, Student Education Records (FERPA), by significantly altering the definition of “directory information.”  The following information will no longer be considered directory information under the revised policy:  local and permanent addresses, telephone numbers, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, and the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended.  Student email addresses, as well as photographs, videos, or other media containing a student’s image or likeness, have been designated under the revised policy as “limited use directory information.”  Use and disclosure of limited use directory information will be restricted to: (1) publication in official University publications or on social media sites or websites hosted or maintained by, on behalf of, or for the benefit of the University, including the University’s online directory and internal email system; (2) University officials who have access, consistent with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), to such information and only in conjunction with a legitimate educational interest; and (3) external parties contractually affiliated with the University, provided such affiliation requires the sharing of limited use directory information.  In accordance with FERPA regulations, students retain the ability to “opt out” of the directory information and limited use directory information exceptions.

In addition to a handful of minor revisions relating to changes to how the university conducts business, Section III of the Policy was also revised to clarify under what circumstances students may request copies of their records.

University Policy 716, Minors on Campus

  June 17, 2014

Status: Newly Approved

The purpose of this new policy is to take affirmative steps to safeguard and protect minor children from potential abuse while:

  • Visiting the University campus or attending programs and events offered by UNC Charlotte;
  • Participating in third party programs and activities that utilize campus facilities; or
  • Participating in university-sponsored programs and activities while off-campus. 

University Policy 605.5 , Marketing Communications

  June 17, 2014

Status: Revised

These revisions are in response to a report from Internal Audit following a 2011 assessment from an outside consultant that identified areas for improvement in the ways in which UNC Charlotte communicates with its various stakeholders.  In addition, the revisions contemplate the establishment of a University-wide Communications Cabinet.  The title of the policy has also been changed from "Publications" to “Marketing Communications.” 

University Policy 311, Information Security

  June 10, 2014

Status: Revised

UNC Charlotte, along with the entire UNC system, has adopted the ISO/IEC 27002 standard as its policy framework for information security. This revision of University Policy 311 is an initial step in implementing the ISO/IEC 27002 standard. The revised policy will be the overarching information security policy under which information security standards, guidelines, and procedures will be adopted.  Standards and guidelines will be made available online at the ITS webpage as they are approved.

University Policy 405, Hazing

  May 19, 2014

Status: Revised

This policy has been revised and rewritten both to expand the coverage of the Policy to all students who may fall victim to or be involved in hazing, and also to fall in line with national best practices.

University Policy 715, Security Cameras

  May 16, 2014

Status: Newly Approved

On May 16, 2014, Chancellor Dubois approved a University Policy 715, Security Cameras.  This new policy was developed to:  (1) ensure that the placement and monitoring of security cameras at UNC Charlotte are consistent with the university’s goals of deterring crime and preserving property and public safety; (2) affirm UNC Charlotte’s commitment to an open campus and constitutional privacy; (3) centralize the storage of and access to security camera video; and (4) formalize procedures relating to control, placement, and monitoring of security cameras.

University Policy 102.7 , Personnel Policies for Designated Employment Exempt from the State Human Resources Act

  January 7, 2014

Status: Revised

This Policy is revised in response to recommendations by the current EPA Non-Faculty staff grievance review panel, to make references to the administrative grievance procedure in the policy more clear to both the review panel and grievant.