New & Revised Policies

University Policy 717, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

  June 11, 2018

Status: Newly Approved

The use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), more commonly known as “drones,” on campus has increased significantly over the last few years.  Use of such equipment presents great opportunities for the University, but presents some risks that must be addressed as well.  There are federal and state laws and regulations that users must adhere to when operating such equipment.  This new University Policy addresses these issues and provides guidance to various constituents who may be operating drones on campus. 

Several units across campus have already begun using drones for University purposes. Such use is considered “governmental” by the FAA, which requires that certain registrations and licenses be obtained and that operators follow numerous restrictions when flying. Hobbyists also operate drones on campus, which have fewer general requirements for license and registration but present a variety of risks for the University. 

The purpose of this new Policy is to require individuals operating drones on campus to notify the University of such operation so the University can ensure that any necessary licenses and registrations have been obtained, insurance on University property has been appropriately acquired, and risks have been identified and mitigated to the extent possible.  It also sets forth the expectation that operators abide by all state and federal laws, regulations, restrictions, requirements, and guidelines.

University Policy 601.21 , Acquisition and Disposition of Real Property by Lease

  May 7, 2018

Status: Newly Approved

This new policy provides guidelines for acquiring and disposing of real property by lease to ensure coordinated compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and governing policies. Leases are governed by state statutes and require varying levels of approval. Depending on the annual rent amount, leases may require approval up to and including the Council of State and execution by the Governor. All lease requests must be evaluated by the UNC Charlotte Real Estate Office and approved by the Property Review Committee. If the need for leased space is appropriately justified, funded, and approved, the Property Officer will process the request to seek the approvals required by applicable State Law and UNC System policies and procedures. The UNC Charlotte Real Estate Procedures Manual serves as supplemental instruction for this policy and provides detailed procedures. 

University Policy 602.11 , Gifts, Awards, and Prizes

  April 30, 2018

Status: Revised

This policy has been revised as follows:

  • Changing the University Policy chapter designation from Chapter 101 (University Policy 101.18) to Chapter 602 (UIniversity Policy 602.11). Chapter 101 is related to personnel only, while this policy applies to both employee and non-employee gifts, awards, and prizes. This policy is more appropriately organized under Chapter 600 (Property, Finances, Services, and Records). Specifically, Chapter 602 relates to Finances and Gifts; the new policy number is University Policy 602.11.
  • Adding as subsection II.A.1, a definition of "tangible personal property" to clarify IRS law and the references to this term throughout the policy.
    • Corrected guidance regarding gift certificates and gift cards, emphasizing that the IRS is clear that gift cards of any kind are considered cash equivalents
    • Moved procedural guidance related to advance quantities of gift certificates/cards to Gift Cards/Gift Certificates, How to Pay procedures (on Financial Services website).
    • Consolidating "examples" of tangible personal property that were previously scattered throughout the document, under subsection II.A.1.
  • Increasing the reporting threshold for sympathy/congratulatory gifts to employees from $100 to $125 to account for inflation, combined with the nature of these gifts (subsection IV.A.5).

University Policy 316, Export Control

  April 11, 2018

Status: Revised

University Policy 316, Export Control, has been revised to codify the University's institutional compliance with federal Export Control laws and regulations. The policy also provides more specificity on the groups to which it applies (i.e., all University faculty, staff, students, and visiting scholars). In addition, references to the Export Control Compliance Committee have been removed, as that committee is no longer in existence and is not required by any law or regulation.

University Policy 101.22 , Flexible Work and Telework Arrangements for SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty Employees

  January 30, 2018

Status: Revised

University Policy 101.22, Flexible Work and Telework Arrangements for SHRA and EHRA Non-Faculty Employees, has been revised to clarify restrictions on teleworking during leave covered under FMLA and teleworking arrangements out-of-state.

University Policy 602.1 , Direct Deposit of Pay

  January 30, 2018

Status: Revised

University Policy 602.1, Direct Deposit of Pay, has been revised to add new provisions related to procedures during a Condition 2 or Condition 3 event for those employees who are not signed up for direct deposit.

University Policy 406, Code of Student Responsibility

  January 10, 2018

Status: Revised

University Policy 406, The Code of Student Responsibility, has been revised to account for recent changes in the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) guidance regarding Title IX cases.

University Policy 602.7 , Travel Authorization and Reimbursement

  November 8, 2017

Status: Revised

University Policy 602.7, Travel Authorization and Reimbursement, has been revised to update provisions related to travel policies for grant funds and to clarify processes for travel authorizations and reimbursements. 

University Policy 602.10 , Mobile Communication Device Allowances

  October 18, 2017

Status: Re-designated

The policy previously designated as University Policy 317, Mobile Communication Device Allowances, has been re-designated under Chapter 602, Finances and Gifts rather than its former designation under Chapter 300, Research, Intellectual Property, and Information Technology. The new policy number is 602.10. This re-designation under Chapter 602 better reflects its substance and purpose. 

University Policy 702, Weapons on Campus

  September 15, 2017

Status: Revised

University Policy 702, Weapons on Campus, has been revised to be consistent with the newly revised definition of “weapons” in Chapter 5.b of University Policy 406, The Code of Student Responsibility and amendments regarding knives in state law (NCGS §14-269.2).