Organization of University Policies

In July 2012, the Office of Legal Affairs established a new system to number and organize official University Policies. The structure is similar to the one used by the UNC Board of Governors. With the University’s Policy Statement series having grown to more than 130 policies, it became clear that the existing system needed to be updated. University Policies are now grouped numerically by chapter, based upon subject matter. The chapters, subchapters, and policies are found in the left sidebar menu on all University Policies pages.

The subject matter chapters are as follows:

Some documents that were not officially included in the old Policy Statement series have been added as official University Policies, such as the “Tenure Policies, Regulations and Procedures,” the “Tenured Faculty Performance Review Policy,” and the student grade appeal and grievance policies. 

The new University Policy numbering system is accessible via the Office of Legal Affairs website. A cross-reference chart is included to enable users to use the previous Policy Statement numbers to locate corresponding new Unviersity Policy numbers. While redirects will be used for a period of time, University website managers across campus should revise policy links and text references with the updated numbers and links.

Contact the OLA at with any questions concerning the University Policy system.